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Veeraj International LLP have 40 years textile experience , own R&D lab , re arrange the molecules. We have a strong hold for Textile / Resins / FRP / Composites / Pultrusions / Paper industries / Pharma. Strong in Textile Pre Bleaching chemicals with technical support by expert. We Veeraj International LLP is a distributor of Harris and Menuk (H&M ) and Beva Silicones for Textiles Auxiliaries in Gujarat .

H&M is a Asian Partner of Zschimmer and Schwarz(ZSM) , Germany . ZSM is a 140 years old German company having very concentrated phosphonate base products for textile dyeing and processing.

  •  Desizing
  • Wetting
  • Sequestering
  • Chelating
  • Peroxide Killer
  • Lubricants
  • Dye Fixing
  • Leveling
  • Soaping
  • Anti Yellowing for Poly amides


Beva Silicones:- Softeners

  •  Silicone Softeners
  •  Poly Ethylene Emulsion
  •  Dye Enhancer


 Represents Maize Products for Starches and modified starches for textile sizing.

We are manufacturing :

1. Green Acid (GOTS Approved) –  from virgin chemicals which is  replacement of Acetic Acid , minimize the pungent odor of Acetic acid.

2.  Liquid Soda –  replacement of Soda Ash , no dusting , easy to handle gives consistent control pH results in consistent Reactive shade .